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Solo Cultural Outings.

Kenya does suit all travel styles, whether you like to stay in luxury camps and lodges and explore the country’s parks and reserves by chartered plane, or if you prefer to get off-grid, driving your own 4×4 on muddy tracks in remote wilderness areas where you can camp in the wild.
Kenyans are some of the friendliest and most hospitable people you will ever meet, and travelling solo means that you’ll probably end up meeting and connecting with more locals than you would if you travelled in a group.
There are lots of options for solo travellers to Kenya depending on your style of travel. You could start off your trip in the busy city of Nairobi or coastal city of Mombasa and you’ll meet plenty of other travellers in bars and on activities who you could join up with to share the costs of travelling to other destinations, or you could join a guided group tour for a hassle-free holiday. If you prefer solo time, you can rent a car and explore parks and reserves on your own steam, or stay in lodges where you’ll be able to do guided game drives and walks in the bush

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